Omeo by Omeo Technology

The Omeo is a seated, self-balancing personal transportation device.


  • Designed and built with the best safety and the most unique features of any self balancing personal transportation device.
  • Powerful two-wheeled self-balancing platform lets you travel over uneven terrain and ride up and down hills while always remaining level in your seat – giving you access to places such as beaches, forests, trails and pathways that would be impossible for most other personal mobility devices.
  • Rides up to 12 MPH. Can be ridden on rough terrain and the beach, even through soft sand, with the optional all-terrain package. Moves easily across gravel, cobble stones and dirt.
  • Comes ready with joystick mode and active seat control mode, joystick can be installed on left or right.
  • Saves shoulders and hands from repetitive strain, while keeping the user’s body active. Moves intuitively using patented seat steering. Many riders feel riding the Omeo feels similar to walking.
  • Adjustable seat and footplate heights.


Meet the Omeo

  • Adjustable seat positioning
  • Multi-functional holder for accessories (e.g. holders for cups, fishing rods, umbrellas, trays smartphones and tablets)
  • Four tie-down points for transportation.
  • USB Charging port.
  • Available in 5 colours; green, orange, purple, blue and black.
  • Weather resistant but not submersible.


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