Carbon Fiber Back Rest by ADI

The Carbon Series Back Support by ADI features an ergonomical design that promotes proper strong posture which helps to reduce strain on your lower back. This is accomplished by the Carbon Series Back Support’s added support for your posterior pelvis and trunk. This carbon fiber material provides the Carbon Series Back Support with notably low overall weight. Discover the Carbon Series Back Support’s ease of mount and attachment for yourself. The Carbon Series Back Support mounts at your preferred height on the wheelchair’s back posts.

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Additional information

Mounting Hardware

Fixed, Quick Release, Two Point Pro

Contour Options

Active 2.5in Contour, Deep 4in Contour

Height Options: Add 2inches for the actual back rest height

Low 10in, Medium 13in, STD 16in, Tall 18in, Extra Tall 20in

Wheelchair Seat Width

13in, 14in, 15in, 16in, 17in, 18in, 19in


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